Sunday Afternoon

Sun 4 December / Sul 4 Rhagfyr

12-1 Earth Hour at the Storytelling Festival

Free of charge, Rehearsal Room 1

Earth Stories for families, storytelling by Angie Polkey. Come and find out why Cynthia’s doing down the garden – and other timely tales of nature and nurture.

With Stevie Braun.

Suitable for adults and children from 8 years old.

1-1.30 Music with Mackerel Sky

Free of charge, Performance Studio

1-1.15 Music with Samba Agogo

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

2-3 The Crick Crack Club presents Jan Blake and TUUP, Cric!? Crac! – Folktales from Africa & the Caribbean

£8 (£6) CC £7.50 (£6.50), Round Studio

Performance storytelling by TUUP and Jan Blake / The Crick Crack Club

Cric?! Crac!!

Two of the world’s most fabulous storytellers take to the stage with a boisterous and bold performance of stories of strange deeds, magical beings, canny cats and hapless hens. Prepare to be delighted and enchanted as we journey through an hour of gleeful comedy and wonder!

Age suitability: Families with children 7+

Jan Blake is the Queen of Afro-Caribbean Storytelling. An outstanding storyteller, she performs in theatres and festivals the length and breadth of Europe.

Born in Guyana and raised in Acton, West London, Godfrey Duncan – TUUP (The Unorthodox, Unprecedented Preacher) – has been a professional storyteller since 1981, and is truly an elder of the storytelling revival in Britain.

Straeon gwerin o Affrica a’r Caribî, Perfformiadau egniol a beiddgar gan ddau o adroddwyr straeon mwyaf blaenllaw’r byd. Awr o gomedi hwyliog a rhyfeddodau! Yn addas ar gyfer teuluoedd a phlant dros 7 oed.

3.15-4 Music with Heironymus

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

4-4.30 Songs from Brittany and Home with Anne-Francoise Berthault

Free of charge, Performance Studio

4.30-5 Mary-Ann Constantine, Love and Leprosy: Stories From Breton Ballads

Free of charge, Performance Studio

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