Saturday Evening

Sat 3 December / Sadwrn 3 Rhagfyr

6.30-6.45 It’s Tŷ Time

In her small, highly disinfected room, while thinking about Luis, Margareth escapes in her mind. Whiffs of intense joy and souvenirs crossed her memory, interspersed by the constant harassing care to maintain her ‘alive’…alive! Why pursue this hectic and lonely life? Margareth believes that it’s high time to depart: 97 years- who could ask for more?

6.45-7.15Music with Mackerel Sky

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

7.45-10 The Crick Crack Club presents TUUP and Jan Blake, Caribbean Spook Tales – Stories of Vampires, Jumbies & Shapeshifters

£8 (£6) CC £7.50 (£6.50), Performance Studio

TUUP and Jan Blake / The Crick Crack Club

The Unorthodox, Unprecedented Preacher, TUUP, and the Queen of Afro-Caribbean storytellers, Jan Blake, take to the stage with unsurpassed style and alarming charisma, for a thunderous storytelling exploration of sorcery and shape-shifting. Working with the magic of contraries, these are disturbing, comedic and poignant tales of the ghosts, duppies, jumbies and conjure folk that haunt the Caribbean and the Americas.

Suitable for adults (children 14+)

Noson o adrodd straeon carismatig a thrawiadol. Dyma straeon cythryblus, comediaidd a theimladwy am ysbrydion a chymeriadau anghonfensiynol y Caribî a’r Americas. Dim yn addas i blant dan 14 oed.

10-10.15 Music with Quercus Burlesque

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

10.15-11.15 Alison Matthews: Eve Speaks, a Musical Cabaret

£6 (£4), Performance Studio

Late Night Story Cabaret

Young American storyteller and singer-of-all-trades Alison Matthews presents ‘Eve Speaks – a musical cabaret’. From the mind of God came dust. From the loins of dust came Adam. From the belly of Adam came Eve. But what came next? Please come to a hybricolage musical cabaret celebrating Eve, arousal, and the importance of asking questions.

11.15 onwards Music with Quercus Burlesque

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

Stories in the Bar…and Beyond.

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