Saturday Morning

Sat 3 December / Sadwrn 3 Rhagfyr

9-12 Children’s Storytelling Sessions

Free of charge, Performance Studio

9-9.45 Little Wolf’s Adventure with Victoria Robinson

An interactive story for children up to 7 years old. Help Little Wolf find his way and sing with him so he doesn’t get scared.

9.45-10.45 Earthula, the Bear of the Earth with Sue Stoppani

Discover the wondrous magic of the Earth and take part in a storymaking workshop for children age 7 to 11.

10.45-11.30 The Glogglestar Choir and The Night Troll

Milly Jackdaw and Ailsa Mair Hughes present two Christmas stories of bravery, strange singing and things that go bump, screech, stamp and slurp on a winters night. Family storytelling for anyone over 5 years.

9.30-11 Rachel Auckland – Can Storytellers Save the Planet?

Free of charge, Rehearsal Room 1

‘Can Storytellers Save the Planet?’ will be a participatory workshop, exploring the scope of contemporary storytelling to inspire, motivate, educate and empower us to change the world. Taking as a starting point her digital storybook, Rainbow Goddess: Creatrix of the Night and Day, Rachel invites us to deepen our understanding of stories and how we can work with them, as listeners and tellers.

English will be the main language spoken, although contributions in other languages, especially Welsh, will be welcomed. This workshop is open to all adults, and will be of interest to ecologists, environmentalists, educators, those working / campaigning for a better world and a brighter future, and anyone who loves a good yarn.

11.30-12 Sue Jones-Davies, Taliesin, yn Cymraeg

Free of charge, Performance Studio

One response to “Saturday Morning

  1. Helo Pobol, Rachel sy ‘ma,
    I’m hoping to organise my weekend to maximise my chances of hearing stories told in Welsh (see Saturday pm programme) so my workshop is likely to take place 9.30-11am Saturday, but we may need to be flexible on this. Watch this space!

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