Saturday Afternoon

Sat 3 December / Sadwrn 3 Rhagfyr

12-1 Fiona Collins, Sesiwn Stori ar gyfer Dysgwyr / Story session for Welsh Learners

Free of charge, Rehearsal Room 1

Ydych chi’n dysgu Cymraeg fel oedolyn? Fi hefyd! / Are you an Adult Welsh Learner? Me too!

Ydych chi’n hoffi straeon? Fi Hefyd! / Do you like stories? Me too!

Ymunwch a fi, Fiona Collins, Storiwr a Dysgwr, am sesiwn stori yn arbennig ar eich cyfer chi, lle ydych chi’n gallu ymarfer eich Cymraeg, gwrando ar straeon, cyfrannu – a mwynhau!

Join me, Fiona Collins, Storyteller and Welsh Learner, at a story session specially for you, where you can practise your Welsh, listen to stories, have a go – and have a good time!

12-12.30 Music with Brian Swaddling

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

12.30-1 Music with Heironymus

Free of charge, Theatre Foyer

1-2 Guto Dafis Straeon o Lydaw, Cymreag, Breton Stories told in Welsh

Free of charge, Performance Studio

Mae Guto Dafis yn dweud straeon gydag egni a hiwmor; mae hefyd yn chwarae’r melôdiyn a chanu, gan roi ambell alaw neu gân ymhlith ei straeon. Bydd e’n cyflwyno rhaglen o straeon Llydewig gyda cherddoriaeth (yn Gymraeg ar ddydd Sadwrn, a Saesneg ar ddydd Sul). Mae ganddo brofiad eang a chwarae cerddoriaeth werin o Gymru, a hefyd brwdfrydedd am ddawns a cherddoriaeth o Lydaw. Mae’n chwarae yn rheolaidd yn Fest Noz Pentreffest, sy’n digwydd bob mis yn yr Eglwys Newydd, Caerdydd.

Mae Guto wedi ymddangos fel storïwr mewn gŵyliau a llefydd fel:

Gŵyl Chwedleua Tu Hwnt I’r Ffin, Sain Dunwyd; Festival at the Edge, Swydd Amwythig; Pafiliwn Cymru yng Ngŵyl Ryng-Geltaidd Lorient, Llydaw (yn perfformio yn Ffrangeg); Glastonbury Festival (Kidz Field a Green Futures Field); Llwyfan y Lanfa yng Nghanolfan Mileniwm Cymru.

Mae Guto yn rhedeg a chyflwyno gyda David Ambrose y nosweithiau misol poblogaidd o chwedleua a cherddoriaeth yn Iwrt Milgi, yng Nghaerdydd, lle mae e’n byw.

1-4 Antje Ricken and Milly Jackdaw, The Heart of the Story

Free of charge, Rehearsal Room 1

What is it in us that listens to stories? How can stories make us whole?

In this workshop we explore the heart as an organ of perception, using experiential exercises. Technology permitting, we will also get to play with a software program that measures “coherence”, a physiological state of entrainment between heart and brain which corresponds with well-being and healing. Which words, thoughts and images produce this coherence in us? How does the relationship between speaker and listener affect it? What does thinking feel like when it is guided by heart-based perception? And can we generate stories from this tuned-in state of our being?

This will be a fully experiential workshop – please come prepared to participate. Suitable for anyone who likes to tell or listen to stories. No previous experience necessary, just a willingness to explore. (Bring your heart!)

2-3 Josian Fauzou, Tales from Mauritius

Free of charge, Performance Studio

Josian was born and raised on Mauritius, and here he tells the old stories of the Island.

3-4 Three Storytellers

Free of charge, Performance Studio

  • Bronwen Hughes, Young Storyteller of Wales/Storiwr Ifanc Cymru
  • Mary Jacob – Child of Leaves, a Japanese tale of the supernatural
  • Brian Swaddling – The Mollusc and the Mountain

4-5 Cath Little, Midwinter Stories

Free of charge, Performance Studio

Cath Little is a storyteller and singer drawing inspiration from her Irish and English heritage and from her Welsh homeland. She tells tales and sings songs for the turning year in celebration of our Earth.


4-6 Mary Jacob, Surrealist Story Salon with Rrose Sélavy

Free of charge, Rehearsal Room 1

It’s fun and games with Rrose Sélavy! We will play with elements of chance and imagination based on the parlor games that the Surrealists played, to build up spontaneous narratives and have a good laugh.

5-5.45 Fiona Collins, Tales from North Wales

Free of charge, Performance Studio

Fiona Collins tells a lively selection of little-told tales of magic and mystery mixed in with stories of ordinary folk doing extraordinary things. This marks, in style, the publication of her collection ‘Denbighshire Folktales’ by The History Press. The book will be on sale, and makes an excellent Christmas present!

5.45-6.30 Martin Maudsley and Ailsa Mair Hughes, Wayland the Smith

Free of charge, Performance Studio

First performed at Milgi’s Yurt Storytelling Club in Cardiff, this is a unique collaboration between Bristol storyteller Martin and Aber cellist Ailsa.

6-7 Young Storytellers

Free of charge, Rehearsal Room 1

With Bronwen Hughes, Shane Braun, Fiona Collins and Milly Jackdaw. All young storytellers welcome to come and weave a Yarn.

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