Winter Tales

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Milly Jackdaw & Jo Munton tell winter tales

Wild lands and Warb-urtons



And so to the land of the longest winters! Join Jo Munton (Vagabondi Puppets) as she retells the tales told to her on the snow strewn Siberian plains. Whilst on tour with the puppet company Clogless Lobster, she heard the ancient stories of the fierce protectors of the wild lands, of the sun and his daughters and of the long dark night.

Jo is accompanied by Milly Jackdaw who delves into the wide and wild woods of Wales to discover the magic of the trees and of the young magician who once dared to attempt the impossible, to steal Merlin’s Harp. The ways are many and mysterious through the seven magical woods and only the truly wise may make it through. What secrets will the warb-urtons tell us?

And if you’ve ever wondered why the sun disappears in winter, beginning it’s return at the Solstice then wonder no more for the Innuit tale of How Raven Stole the Light, reveals all.

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