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Peter Stevenson, Ceri Owen-Jones, Elsa Davies and Valériane Leblond

Sigl-di-gwt, an encounter with the dark Otherworld of West Wales



The Shaking Tale / Sigl-Di-Gwt

shakin2Fairy tales and folk songs collected by Myra Evans of New Quay restored to life by Ceri Owen Jones, harp and trombone, Elsa Davies, fiddle and voice, Peter Stevenson, storyteller and illustrations.

80 minutes.

shakin4Dark encounters with the Otherworld of old Ceredigion, from lazy harpers to light footed fiddlers, from the lady of the Millpond to the Llanina mermaid, from Siani Pob Man to Sigl di Gwt. Grimm tales and traditional tunes and songs from the1850s and beyond, collected by Myra Evans of New Quay around west Wales, pieced together from scrubbing archives for old manuscripts and tramping old pathways in search of ivy covered ruins and misty memories of people long gone. Performed in a unique collaboration between two musicians and singers, and a visual artists and storyteller.

For older children, adults and lovers of dark fairy tales.

Peter Stevenson

petePeter Stevenson is a storyteller, children’s writer, book illustrator, folklorist, purveyor of Magical Lantern Shows, concertina and banjo player, organiser of the annual 3 day Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival in collaboration with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and runs Stories by Gaslight, a storytelling club that encourages collaborations with visual artists, musicians, dancers, puppeteers. He has illustrated, compiled and written over a hundred children’s books, travelled the country with storytelling shows for adults that use hundreds of projected illustrations and live music, has just finished collecting and writing The Ceredigion Folk Tales for the History Press, and tramps the roads with mud on his boots and his head in the clouds.

Peter is an associate partner with Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Websites: and                    

Ceri Owen-Jones and Elsa Davies

cerielsaElsa Davies (fiddle and voice) and Ceri Owen-Jones (harp and voice) play traditional tunes, learnt from friends or brought to life from sleeping manuscripts, and dream mash-up folk music on the West Welsh coast: a music shaped in warm kitchens and tramping dark, gorse-patched cliffs.

They have performed in Wales and abroad, including Western Canada where last winter they toured, taught and went ice-skating. Ceri works regularly with Julie Murphy of Fernhill, and with Elsa in Cerddcegin and Corelw.


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