Performance art with Lindy Martin

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Performance art with Lindy Martin



I live near to Carmarthen Bay, a fascinating conjunction of three rivers where the boundaries of land, sky and sea meet and move in constantly changing patterns. Walking on the beach as often as I can I am drawn to random objects washed up on the shore.

I find these fascinating visually, they have been sculpted and painted by the elements but also intriguing is the story of how they got there.

When walking the shore you cannot help become aware of the amount of waste littering the area. Objects and possessions are consumed and almost immediately are thrown out. Items are now made with built in obsolescence, skills and crafts start to disappear.

My work aims to question this. It is always handbuilt and does not hide the marks which show how it was made. The material is not disguised either, I like to let the clay have a say in its form and texture and choose firings in which the actions of the flames make their own marks.

Very often I will include muds and crushed rocks from the area to add to the clay or for surface decoration. I aim to make work that reflects the landscape, revels in its own materiality and intrigues the viewer with the possibilities of a narrative.

I am in my third year at the School of Creative Arts, Coleg Sir Gar in Carmarthen and am a listed artist with Gofal Celf (Arts Care)

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