It’s Tŷ Time

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It’s Tŷ Time



15:15 and 17:15 Theatre D’Objet, Marvin

21:15 and 23:15  Madame

It’s Tŷ Time, the French Puppetry Company, present two shows, Madame and Object Theatre. 15 minutes each.


Alexandra - Madame - French (25%) (1)Madame dreams. Madame is bored. Madame would like to spice up her life. But she is stalked by the daily boring routine. Until, a mysterious appearance comes to warm up her existence. Should she leave everything behind for these fleeting moments or resign herself to these precious secrets engraved in eternity?

In this intimate atmosphere , the puppeteer shows us, like through a magnifying glass, the unexpected face of death.

Alexandrashiva Melis returns to the world of miniature , a world in which she excels most.

Marvin – A Genetically Modified Tale

josianStory of a couple always on opposing views but with both dreaming of a peaceful, protected life. they found that idyllic place but their interference with the environment will lead to severe climatic upheaval…

All the characters have a direct link with gardening tools and the visual story is a poesy to nature.

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