Mar Shro

Salt Hallein Reise Journey

Presented in The Box Saturday 6.00-7.00, Sunday 7.00-8.00

Mar Shro is a self-documenting performance artist whose work is concerned with time. ‘Salt hallein reise journey’ records a journey linking the sea salt of Cardigan Bay with the disused salt works at the Celtic mining centre of Hallein, Austria.

Mar Shro has performed and exhibited internationally, and is a graduate of Aberystwyth University’s School of Art.

Painting Nothing

Performed in the Theatre Foyer Saturday 5.30-6.00

“Painting nothing” is a performance accompanied by a video of a self-documented performance by Mar Shro at Schmiede 2012, an artists’ residency in Hallein, Austria. Accompanied by her trademark red ribbon representing time, Shro plays with ideas of observing the self, and inner versus outer experience.

Portfolio website:


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