Clare Thornton

A Heightened Sense of Making

Presented in The Box Saturday 4.00-5.00 and Sunday 4.00-5.00

Clare Thornton draws on fine art and craft methods to create objects, site responsive installations, printed matter and live events which bring people together for social and critical exchange. She is curious about the convergences of costume, performance and relational practices and is interested in cross-disciplinary collaborations. Using universal movement vocabulary as a stimulus, ‘A heightened sense of making’ is a piece which incorporates performance, sculpture and writing.

The Runaway Bride

Presented in The Box Saturday 6.00-7.00 and Sunday 7.00-8.00

Clare Thornton is also showing the film ‘The Runaway Bride”. Using a combination of moving image and sculpture, “The Run Away Bride” presents three different situations showing the human body in states of tension, restraint and release. Creating an emotionally charged atmosphere, Thornton focuses on the psychological aspects of these scenarios.

Review article:

“I am excited by re-working and layering materials and ideas and exploring this process with others. Each new piece evolves out of conversations and local research – gathering personal accounts and critical responses to particular locations, objects and texts. I then transform this collection of materials to produce sculptural forms, performance and video works and social events as a materialisation of this process.” Clare Thornton is a lecturer at the University of Worcester and has presented work in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Turkey, Australia and the USA.


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