The Box

Throughout the weekend of the Festival, a series of Fairytale Films, Artist’s Films and Live Performances will take place in the Video Box, an intimate space seating around 16, just next to the main cafe in the Arts Centre.

Six one-hour programmes of film and live performances will be presented.

Artists in Residence Films

Showings: Saturday 4.00-5.00, Sunday 4.00-5.00

Your Man’s Puppets Presents

Showings: Saturday 3.00-4.00

Your Man’s Puppets presents a selection from “Tales from the Workshop”, “The Legend of Lowery Lynch”, “Off on a Tandrum”, “I Pay Tax” including a live performance

Rebecca Woodford-Smith and Mikyoung Jun Pearce

Showings: Saturday 5.00-6.00, Sunday 3.00-4.00 and 6.00-7.00

“5000 Miles and 8 Hours Apart”, introduced by Rebecca Woodford-Smith on the Saturday

Artists’ Films, Images from Storyland

Showings: Saturday 6.00-7.00, Sunday 7.00-8.00

Fairy Tale Films of Lotte Reiniger

Showings: Saturday 2.00-3.00, Sunday 2.00-3.00 and 5.00-6.00

Films from 1922-1954 include “Cinderella”, “The Death Feigning Chinaman”, ”The Frog Prince”, “Snow White and Rose Red”, “The Magic Horse”, “Hansel & Gretel”

Live Performances

Performances: Saturday 7.00-8.00

The links below will give you a flavour of what each artist has to offer:

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