Rachel Auckland

Rainbow Goddess, Creatrix of the Night and Day, or, Be Careful What You Wish For

Performed in The Box Saturday 7.00-8.00

“Be Careful What You Wish For” is a story often told with toys, but for this special performance in The Box, Rachel will tell her Old Woman’s tale of things lost and found, forgotten and recalled, destroyed and recreated, with illustrations from her digital storybook ‘Rainbow Goddess, Creatrix of the Night and Day’. Prepare to be awestruck.

Can Storytellers Save the Planet?

Workshop held in the Great Hall Saturday 3.00-4.00

Since childhood Rachel Auckland has had a reputation as a fibber,
a spoofer and a great fascinator. Notwithstanding this, Rachel has
survived to qualify as a Master of Sustainable Development Advocacy.
Her mission as a Storyteller is to Save the Planet. But she cannot do this
alone. She needs your help.

‘Can Storytellers Save the Planet?’ is more than just a workshop: it is an
apocalypse-defying race against time, to recruit storytellers capable of
imagining scenarios and evolving narratives which can change the course
of history, ensuring that ultimately, the March of Progress has a happy

If you care about the fate of the Planet (or if you think you’re a big
enough villain to achieve planetary destruction in spite of the best efforts
of Rachel and her friends) – then do come and join in the fun. There
are plenty of opportunities for storytellers to showcase their powers of
persuasion, and for everyone to experiencing the thrill of democratic
participation. There may even be prizes. Watch this space.

3 responses to “Rachel Auckland

  1. I can now confirm that prizes so far offered include signed copies of Peter Stevenson’s Byd Heb Tylwyth Teg / World Without Fairies (your choice of English or Welsh version) and Maggie Harris’ New Canterbury Tales. Maggie, who was born in Guyana and now lives in Newcastle Emlyn, has agreed to be one of the judges of the competition. We are inviting other judges and prize-givers to come forward at this stage. Details of how to enter the competition will be posted here soon. Only seven weeks in which to save the planet. Can we do it?

  2. Stop Press – Great New Prize offered for Can Storytellers Save the Planet: free ticket to the Bevvy Sisters International Women’s Day concert at Rhosygilwen. http://www.rhosygilwen.co.uk/eventDisplay.aspx?e=169

  3. Final call for contestants – interpret the theme in whatever way you wish, and you could win a fabulous prize. To enter please email details of your story title (max 10 minutes in length), and brief biography to rachauck@yahoo.co.uk by midday this Wednesday, and turn up for a briefing at 2pm on aturday in the Great Hall. Pob Lwc!

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