Milly Jackdaw and Victoria Robinson

The Nightingale

by Hans Christian Anderson

Performed in the Performance Studio Sunday 2.00-2.50

Storyteller Milly Jackdaw and musician/sound healer Victoria Robinson present a new, musical adaptation of this well loved story. Deep in the forests of China the nightingale sings and everything listens and breaths and blooms. What will her song do for the emperor? Can she open his eyes to the true wonders of his kingdom? Will the golden snub nosed monkeys really turn his face blue? What is in the unexpected parcel from Japan?

A timeless tale told just in time
To guide us from the ridiculous
Back to the sublime.

Milly Jackdaw

Through her work in environmental theatre Milly has developed a highly visual and humorously inventive style incorporating physical theatre, puppetry, poetry and songs and she specialises in creating lively and refreshing adaptations of folktales as well as writing her own stories for performance. Milly has facilitated many workshops with children in schools and elsewhere and has developed an approach which is great fun and provides a real opportunity for children to create in a supportive environment and to reflect on our relationship with nature.

Milly is currently creating and performing with Peter Stevenson and The Magical Illuminarium.

Milly will also be performing in the YaRn Storytellers session in the Great Hall Saturday 2.00-2.50



Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson leads childrens workshops, teaching songs from indigenous cultures along with percussive instruments to make rhythmic sounds.

To book a workshop or for more info contact Victoria at

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