Michael Harvey

Stories from the Black Mountain

Performed in the Performance Studio Sunday 7.00-8.00

Venture into the vibrant and liminal world of Breton fairytales, and a landscape filled with encounters with beauties, beasts, strange companions, bizarre marriages, and ruthless atonement. In a charm-your-socks-off performance, Michael Harvey draws on the collections of François-Marie Luzel, to recast and retell these grown up tales of wonder with a disarmingly light touch. These stories come from a place where everyday life and the fantastic collide – somewhere simultaneously earthy, ethereal and real… with a decidedly comedic twist.

Michael Harvey Storyteller

Michael has told stories both as a solo performer and with other artists throughout the UK and Europe as well festivals in North and South America. Most of his work is in either English or Welsh and occasionally both at the same time! He is a familiar performer in the UK festival and club scene and draws particular inspiration from the Welsh oral heritage and landscape. He combines depth of material with lightness of delivery which is timed and paced to perfection and minted fresh for every audience. He has recently been working in collaboration with the production company Adverse Camber touring Hunting the Giant’s Daughter, a faithful and contemporary retelling of the earliest Arthurian tale with a musician and singer. In 2011 he was awarded a Major Creative Wales Award, is currently taking part in the the 3rd Labo at La Maison du Conte in Paris and will be a featured teller at the 2012 National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Website: www.michaelharvey.org

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