Mary Jacob

Enter the dreamworld of collaborative storytelling with Surrealist practitioner, Mary Jacob, performing as Rrose Sélavy.

Dream Story Quest

Performed in The Box Saturday 7.00-8.00

Follow Rrose into a pictorial dream, rich and ripe with stories just ready to be plucked from thin air.

Guided by a series of evocative images, the audience will help shape the story as the protagonist – you! – moves through a mysterious landscape on a secret quest. What is your challenge? What obstacles do you face? Who helps you overcome them? We’ll explore this whimsical terrain together.

Come into my (Surreal) Parlour (Games)

Performed in the Performance Studio Saturday 3.00-3.50

Have you ever wondered what is meant by Exquisite Corpse? It is one of the parlour games with a twist that the Surrealists – both artists and writers – were famous for playing. They wanted to allow the mind to express itelf with as little conscious control as possible, and then they made art out of results. The games, as it turns out, are a lot of fun.

Rrose performs two story-songs that were created using Surrealist game techniques. In the first story, well, have you ever had ‘one of those mornings’ when everything seems to go wrong? On this particular morning, things take quite a dark turn.  In the second story, colourful characters Helen and Fred emerge in unlikely places, bringing music and light into an otherwise grey and mundane world.

After each story, we will play a shortened version of one of the games, just enough to give you a taste. No prior experience is necessary, just bring your own playful spirit!

Mary Jacob

Photo by Ant Jarrett

Mary Jacob is a Surrealistic practitioner who has been performing and holding Surrealist Salon activities in the persona of Rrose Sélavy since 2008. She crosses the boundaries between storytelling, song, and performance art. Her watchwords are, “My work is a life in progress.”

Mary is also E-learning Advisor at Aberystwyth University, where she helps academic staff to use things such as computers in a way that is fun and engaging for the students, while enabling learning to take place. She is delighted to serve as Webmaster for the festival website.


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