Breton dance workshop in the Great Hall Sunday 7.15-8.00 followed by Fest Noz French and Breton dance 8.00-11.00

Take an accordion, guitar, four fiddles, mandolin and mandola. Mix well and add a touch of electric bass. Apply liberally to a tasty selection of Breton and French dance tunes. The perfect recipe for a full-flavoured Fest Noz!  Kantref are Annette Davies (who also teaches Breton and French dancing), Geoff Liles, Pete Damsell, Ken Humphreys and Gwilym Hardy. Based in mid-Wales, they play regularly for dancing at the Llanbadarn Fest Noz, Aberystwyth, and have appeared at festivals up and down Britain.

“Everyone was unanimous in agreeing Kantref gave us one of the best Fest Noz sets we’ve had since Cwlwm Celtaidd began” – Derek Smith, Cwlwm Celtaidd Festival Director.

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