Josian Fauzou

The Breach

Performed in the Performance Studio Saturday 6.00-7.00

When we are used to certain habits, certain way of life, how hard can it be to accept change, to welcome novelty.

Is change always for the worse or can change bring along positive outcome?

That morning, Mr W.S Jr woke up early and starts erecting a wall in his garden in
the place of the hedge.

A wall is meant to protect, to hide, to delineate or to mark a territory.But is this enough in an age where hills are brought down to make way, where tunnels are dug through mountains to ease communication?

Josian Fauzou tells through his story that unless we create a breach in our a-priori conception that walled us up, no real and true communication among mankind is possible.

Josian Fauzou

Josian began performing on stage in his native country, Mauritius, under the direction of Henri Favory, renowned local playwright and artistic director. Josian has performed in local as well as foreign plays in French and Creole. In 2002 he went to Kerala, India, to learn kathakali dance and mask.‎ He performed, with French puppeteer Alexandra-Shiva Mélis for the
company ITS TY TIME in Waterford and Brittany in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

In Wales, he joined the Castaway Community Theatre Company which enabled him to perform in English. In 2010 he presented his solo performance ‘ You Know What I Mean’ directed by Patrick Kavanagh’ in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. He also performed in London in Adrian Jackson’s play on the
Chagossian people, ‘ A Few Men Fridays’.

This year Josian shall present a text about freedom and tolerance.

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