Coppins & Musgrave

1)      Bio what?

2)      Dunno. That’s what they said.

1)     Sound like snoopers, ‘specially that bloke

2)     Pete?

1)     Name like that could be anyone – council even.

2)     Just write something – “abstract” – they won’t know

1)     OK –  you keep out of it and I’ll write something

2)     I haven’t said a word!…..

1)     So it’s him and me, we live in close…..

…but not that close – since the 70s

Or on some dry beach, headland, soul land, wetland

His fingers work independently unlike mine

He remembers what has gone before whereas

I always hope the future will have more in store

He questions and listens. I have pre-convictions

He is organised and focuses

I am half asleep, not easily aroused

He takes a scalpel to my flabby mind

I look for sympathy from the cruel and unkind

He knows I lie continually

Unfortunately mostly he believes in me.

Coppins & Musgrave

listen and forget

2)     Steady!  OK – look – we’ll just do a few tunes from the Cowboy Builders Songbook.

1)     So?

2)     Job done.

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