A Cabinet of Curosities

The Dancing Bear and the Doll

Created for the Festival

Performed in the Performance Studio Friday 9.30-10.30

Arthur is asleep in his cave, snoring like a Great Bear, waiting to be awoken, waiting to save us from ourselves. Weary eyes open, bright lights dazzle him, is he asleep or awake? He listens for his heart, but there is no beat. What is a King with no heart? He looks around, where is he, there are fluffy red dragons, bendy swords, dolls of Myrddyn in a pointy hat?  A small girl with dark hair and green eyes presses a button on his chest, his arm moves up and down brandishing Excalibur. He hears a voice, not his, a metallic voice inside his body, saying  ‘I am Arthur King of the Britons, welcome friends, to My Labyrinth.’

A Cabinet of Curiosities

A Cabinet of Curiosities are Ailsa Mair Hughes, cello and songs, Pixy Tom, fiddle and accordion, and Peter Stevenson storyteller and artist, here to tell the curious tale of King Arthur and St Dwynwen, struggling to understand their place in a world where history is told by museum mannequins and the past is sanitised in fluffy furry toys.

A Cabinet of Curiosities opens, all creaking hinges and dusty cobwebs, to find stories songs and illuminations, which could be Changeling Children and Cabarets, maybe Moonsongs and Magicians, or Dancing Bears and Dwynwen Dolls,  Hunters  and Hares, Mermaids or Hairy Men Women.  For all ages provided you bring your Grandmother, for what is a story without a grisly grizzled Grandmother.

Website: www.peterstevensonart.co.uk

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